Gerald C. Kane, PH.D.


Helping Organizations and Executives Adapt to a Digital World


Services for Organizations and Executives

Building on a 15-year career of research on and teaching about digital disruption and transformation, Prof. Gerald Kane works with executives and organizations to help adapt their companies, talents, and careers to for this impending digital future. Services include:

Half-DAY & fulL-day workshops 

Workshops with executives that blend education on digital disruption and transformation and interactive long-term strategic planning.

Surveys & executive sessions 

Sessions helping companies diagnose their own digital maturity, identify the barriers that are keeping the organization from maturing digitally, and designing short-term initiatives to help overcome these barriers.

LonG-term engagements 

Interactions that keep an organization’s leaders up-to-date with the latest developments in digital business, which may also involve helping companies established online learning platforms to help participants build on face-to-face learning.

Digital Transformation advisor 

Service for executives as they begin to rethink digital leadership in their organization. Engagement on behalf of client companies to help them assess which engagements are most likely to deliver long term value to the company.


2018: Coming of Age Digitally: Learning, Leadership, Legacy

2017: Achieving Digital Maturity

2016: Aligning The Organization for Its Digital Future

2015: Strategy, Not Technology, Drives Digital Transformation